1.5 degrees to save the planet

Case of success
Research, imagination and intelligence

In a world where climate change and sustainability are critical issues, there is a need to create content that raises awareness and promotes solutions. “1.5 Degrees to Save the Planet” is a production that tackles these issues in an innovative, accessible, and educational manner, becoming the first program in Mexico focused on providing solutions to combat climate change.

Our Know How


The main challenge was to create a program that informed about climate change in an entertaining, educational way and to adapt specialized information to an entertainment format that facilitated access to a broader audience. Current media around the world have sections on the economy, finance, sports, weather, entertainment, etc., but none in Spanish have focused on the climate crisis our planet is facing.

Initially conceived as a TV project, it later transformed into a program for a digital platform (N+ on Vix). This stage included identifying relevant topics, searching for specialists in the field, creating scripts, and producing micro-documentaries covering different aspects of climate change.

After its first delivery and transmission during the last quarter of 2022, the second season saw significant changes in the program’s structure: a reduction in the number of specialists in the discussion tables per program, improvements in the script, narrative, etc.

The series “1.5 Degrees to Save the Planet” was created, where each episode presents a micro-documentary that introduces the topic, followed by a discussion table with experts, which we like to call “Solutions Journalism.” This approach addresses problems affecting our planet and offers specific solutions for each case. It allows us to discuss climate change without resorting to unnecessary drama or sensationalism, encouraging reflection and prompting action.

Thanks to the great reception of its first season, the series was renewed for a second season, premiering in April 2023, with a total of 26 episodes to date. It has become the first program in Mexico focused on solutions for climate change, bringing together academic specialists, civil associations, and universities in a censorship-free space.

Through this platform, we have managed to raise awareness and promote solutions to address environmental challenges, demonstrating that it is possible to combine journalism and entertainment production to create valuable and educational content.

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