Campaign for the INE (Mexico)

Case of Success
Who has not seen an INE spot?
If any memories of them come to mind…
Fluxus has been behind its realization.

From 2020 to 2023, after being selected through a public tender, Fluxus successfully collaborated with the National Electoral Institute (INE) in two stages: the first, during the COVID-19 outbreak (January 2020-December 2021) and later, in a second stage (January 2022-March 2023) in the creative development and production of their campaign.

First stage


In the first stage of the project, we faced the challenge of maintaining continuity in the institutional strategy and disseminating its activities, such as organizing elections and updating voter credentials.

The emergency of COVID-19 was the biggest challenge as it forced us to adapt and incorporate the communication of INE’s internal processes in response to the pandemic (such as the implementation of security protocols in credentialing) and to continue working remotely without any prior planning.

Despite adverse conditions, we continued to effectively communicate our client’s central message through:

  1. Analyzing and planning key messages in collaboration with the agency and the client.
  2. Implementing logistics and technological tools for remote work and management.
  3. Complying with health protocols on location and reducing personnel on calls.
  1. We optimized processes and tasks to deliver pieces in record time.
  2. We produced a pipeline that could deliver a spot from start to finish in less than 70 hours (instead of weeks) and started deliveries just seven days after the official closure of operations in Mexico by mandate.
  3. We helped INE communicate its protocol processes in the midst of the pandemic.
  • We delivered a total of 121 TV spots, 2 capsules, 172 radio spots, and a one-minute cinema ad.

REEL INE 2020-2021

REEL INE 2022-2023

Second stage


To support the INE internal team in the creativity and production of the “Citizens” campaign without the assistance of a creative agency, using real testimonials.

  1. We designed questionnaires and conducted field research based on our journalistic research techniques.
  2. Interviewed and profiled people nationally and internationally (Los Angeles and Chicago).
  1. We found suitable profiles and real testimonials for the “Mi INE es valioso” and “Mi INE nos une” campaigns.
  2. We translated their stories into 102 TV messages, 138 radio spots, four one-minute cinema ads, 47 radio spots in indigenous languages, 135 capsules for digital platforms, as well as 32 multimedia pieces belonging to the strategy for disseminating the protocol against political violence on gender grounds.

With Fluxus, INE achieved a warm and memorable campaign in times of pandemic, overcoming restrictions and effectively communicating the message.