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“Last Call: Six Endangered Species” by Iván Carrillo, nominated for the Santiago Wild 2023 Awards

  • By admin

Renowned Mexican science journalist and Director of Science Communication at Fluxus, Iván Carrillo, has achieved significant recognition with his feature film “Last Call: Six Endangered Species” at the third edition of the prestigious Santiago Wild Film Festival 2023. This event is organized by Ladera Sur, supported by Jackson Wild (a globally recognized forum focusing on nature and the animal world), and National Geographic with the intention of bringing visibility to wildlife and the environment in Latin America.

Carrillo’s documentary addresses the reintroduction of species in Mexico and the challenges of restoring the ecological balance that has been constantly deteriorating. The film focuses on conservation projects for six species: the American bison, the peninsular pronghorn, the scarlet macaw, the California condor, the desert bighorn sheep, and the Mexican gray wolf.

Accompanying “Last Call” are 13 other nominees from Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and Peru in the “Feature Films | New Latin American Voices” category, which highlights the importance of raising awareness about biodiversity preservation.

This nomination confirms Iván and Fluxus’ essential commitment to creating high-quality audiovisual content that raises awareness about crucial issues for our planet.